Elastifile is redefining enterprise storage with an all flash solution that bridges current and emerging data center architectures. Combining the resiliency and functionality richness of enterprise storage with the agility and cost model efficiency of web scale architecture, Elastifile delivers flash performance to any and all enterprise applications while reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of virtualized data-centers and private clouds.

Bridge DC Architectures

Access data seamlessly
from containers or any VM platform

File, Object, and Block

Simple and agile data management without storage silos

All Flash for All Tiers

Unified File, Object, and Block
Web Scale Cost Efficiency

Enterprise Resiliency

Consistent High Performance without Interruption

Cloud Agility

Elastically Scale Out to Thousands of Nodes
with Hot Add/Remove

Bring Your Own Hardware

Any server, Any Flash (including 3D, TLC)