Elastifile’s Software Defined Storage solution (SDS) is a software only (BYOH – bring your own Hardware) all-Flash, Distributed File, Object, and Block store and serves as an enterprise grade scale out primary storage.

The solution is hypervisor agnostic and supports both OpenStack/KVM environments and VMware vSphere centric deployments as well as Linux Containers.  It converges compute and storage resources, scales linearly and expands elastically to thousands of physical nodes, consistently providing tens of millions of IOPS at a latency less than 2msec.

Elastifile’s utilizes the enterprise’s existing (or newly installed) servers, along with off-the-shelf SSDs, NVMe or PCIe Flash cards. With its comprehensive set of flash optimized features and ease of management, Elastifile’s SDS is ideal for simultaneously serving multiple use cases such as:

  • Data store for Virtualization
  • OLTP & NoSQL Databases
  • Big Data and Real-Time Analytics
  • VDI
  • High Performance NAS
  • Private clouds
  • File as a Service (FaaS)