File Storage

For The Cloud

Multi-zone. Any region. High availability.

Try Self-Managed Elastifile File System

Elastifile is now part of the Google Cloud Platform product family.

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Cloud Integration Made Easy

Elastifile solves the data challenges associated with cloud integration, empowering you to burst or "lift and shift" with ease.

Bring Existing Workflows to Cloud without Refactoring

Cloud-native support for standard storage protocols (NFS) provides seamless compatibility with existing applications. Full enterprise feature-set delivers the functionality and relaiblity required for cloud-integration of business-critical workflows.

Eliminate Storage Management Complexity

Natively integrated UIs, monitoring, and billing dramatically simplify cloud storage management. Seamless scalability enables on-demand storage right-sizing...providing flexibility to match dynamic business requirements.

Reduce Cloud Costs with Intelligent Data Management

Cloud-native architecture blends best aspects of cloud to deliver optimized user experience with lowest cost. Automated data tiering enables cost-effective primary storage and ultra low-cost snapshots.